As we mentioned a few days ago,
We're excited to be chosen as one of the locations to debut some of this Indiana brewery's sought-after sour beers. Years back at GABF when the "sour" beer category winners were being announced and somebody named Upland kept winning medals, we can remember thinking, "Upland?" Well, we were thinking I.E. not IN. Anyway, they've been making great beer at their Wood Shop for years and have just begun to distribute their sour stuff here in CA. Sounds like a good idea to us.

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At 7pm we'll have 5 beers on draft:
B/A Sour Guava
Darken (B/A Sour Brown Ale)
Hopsynth (Hoppy B/A Sour Blonde Ale)
B/A Sour Cherry Ale
B/A Sour Boysenberry Ale

As we said, we'll tap them at 7pm tonight, so come on out and try some great beer. This Sunday's Modern Times Brunch is sold out; thanks to all who bought tickets. A reminder that we will open at 6pm this Sunday so we can have time to clean up. However, in a bit of a norm deviation, and because we need room to tap more beers as the week progresses we'll be selling the remainder of the MT beers again at 6pm. So... Dragon Mask, Quadrate (the Toronado SF 30th Anniversary sour blend!), Transit of Venus, Perfect Talon & Symmetric Orchestra will all be available when we open at 6. Until they're not.

Further out, on Monday we'll have our usual all SD Beers for just $4 deal. Tuesday we'll augment our Steak Night with a Russian River keep the glass deal... $10 for a full glass of Pig or Pliny with $5 refills all night. The glasses are rad, and so is the beer. On Wednesday we're the happy locale for a birthday celebration for Jacob Nikos (Small Bar, Societe) that we'll tap some cool stuff for. And on Friday the PIFA gang invades the Toronado again for more insane beers. We'll keep you posted! Follow us below; we're all busy and sometimes Instagram or the Facebook seems to be the fastest, easiest way to get the word out on things that we've got going on.
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