Three Millennials Began Beer Fest To Bring Life To Downtown Hartford
By Kathleen Megan

t all began with a visit to a beer festival and a desire to bring back a little pizazz to Hartford’s Constitution Plaza.
Saturday’s Small State Great Beer event was the brainchild of three millennials who hoped to promote the state’s burgeoning craft beer brewing industry, while also enlivening downtown Hartford.
Last year, the beer and music festival drew 33 microbreweries and 3,500 people — about 1,500 more than anyone thought possible.
This year, with more than 35 breweries, three live bands and a bevy of food trucks, the organizers are holding two sessions on Saturday — to cut down on lines. (The first session is from 1 to 4 p.m. and the second from 6 to 9 p.m)

It was about two years ago that Pedro Bermudez and his friend, John Michael Mason, curious about the flourishing microbrewery business in Connecticut, went to a beer festival where they were struck by all the energy and enthusiasm.
“I wondered if we could take that energy and create a culturally richer experience in an urban center,” Bermudez said.
They talked about the idea with Bermudez’s fiance, Rory Gale, a co-owner of Hartford Prints!.
It would have been far easier and cheaper to have the event in a field, but all three partners were determined to have it in downtown Hartford.