Call for Content and Speakers at the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference
Call for Content and Speakers at the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference
September 22, 2017 by Allan Leave a Comment

Speaker applications and content suggestions are now open for the 2018 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference and will remain open until October 15th.

We are ready to hear from you to create an exceptional schedule and content sessions for next year. If you are an expert, have a story that needs to be told, and can impart some necessary wisdom upon our community, then we want to hear from you!


You will be asked to select from among the following content categories:

Blogging & Social Media: There are dozens of excellent potential topics involving blogging and social media. Keep in mind 2016 will be the seventh annual Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference so we have covered many topics. Topics that will be most successful are those at an advanced level or covering new ground.
Business & Career: Many beer bloggers wish to launch from their blog to a part-time or full-time career in consulting, events, or even brewing.
Beer Industry: These sessions will not include beer pouring and can include a wide range of topics, from current trends in brewing to best practices for interviewing brewers. All content should be of interest to beer bloggers and writers.
Most sessions at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference that involve beer take place during meals, events, or sponsored sessions. If you are interested, please contact

Please note this process does not include keynote speakers. Please contact us directly if you have suggestions about a keynote speaker.


Everyone is free to submit suggestions, whether you have attended the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference before or not. Our speakers include bloggers, writers, breweries, PR firms, and others the key is to suggest excellent content with credible speakers. You also need not want to present yourself as you can simply suggest a content idea. Please note speakers need to pay their own travel and hotel costs.


We will accept submissions through October 15. After that, we will review all submissions and create a vote of possible topics among our alumni and registered attendees, which will help us decide what to include in the conference.

Submit Your Content now and please remember to Register for BBC18, August 8 12 in Loudoun County, Virginia. We also have an open Call for Content at the 2018 Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference.