London Beer Competition To Reward Beers For How They Look, Taste And Cost

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London Beer Competition
To Reward Beers For How
They Look, Taste And Cost
To be a real success a beer brand has to be bought by consumers,
be it on a supermarket shelf or a restaurant beer list.

The London Beer Competition is being launched to identify and reward those brands and products that consumers actually want to buy, rather than simply recognise good quality beers for their brewing ability alone.
To be a real success a beer brand has to be bought by consumers, be it on a supermarket shelf or a restaurant or bar's list. The London Beer Competition will single out and highlight the beer brands on sale in the UK and International markets that are truly commercially successful.
All breweries in the London Beer Competition will have been judged in three key areas:
All beers will be initially tasted blind to assess their quality and how drinkable they are they for consumers in their target area. The London Beer Competition wants to highlight and reward beers that are enjoyable to drink, not just high point scorers where one glass in enough.
Beers will then be assessed to see how much value for money they are offering their target beer drinkers at that price point.
As the majority of the beers brands are bought with our eyes, the London Beer Competition will recognise beers that stand out on the shelf, or on a back bar, and will assess how well suited that design or packaging is to their target consumer group.

The London Beer Competition has been introduced to give consumers a clear guide to the beers that are best suited to their tastes and give them maximum value for money. The majority of other beer competitions only judge beers blind and take into no consideration how much it might cost, or even have an idea of what it looks like.
With so many products now on the market, it is increasingly confusing and difficult for all beer drinkers, both enthusiasts and the occasional drinkers, to really know, with any great confidence, what they are buying.
The London Beers Competition has been created to put consumers back in charge. To give them the reassurance that any of the award winning beers with the LBC logo will have been based on how drinkable they are, how much value for money they offer, and what they actually look like.
Each of the London Beers Competition winners will receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award with separate weighted marks awarded by the judges for the beers quality and drinkability, value for money, and packaging and design.

Sid Patel, CEO of Beverage Trade Network and the organiser of the London Beers Competition, said: “We all need help when buying beers. There is simply so much choice out there. But at the end of the day, we want to invest our money in beers that we actually want to drink, be it with our partner or our friends. We want to highlight and reward those beers that have the winning combination of drinkability, value for money and that look great too.”
To help identify those beers, the London Beer Competition will work with a panel of commercially focused buyers currently working in either developing new beers for the market or directly involved in buying beer from all channels of the industry.
“Our judges will be making decisions every day about the commercial viability of the beers presented to them,” added Patel.
“We want them to regard the London Beer Competition as an extension to the great work they are already doing in their respective businesses. Together we can help create a selection of the most robust and commercially viable beers available in the world.”
Judging for the London Beer Competition takes place in March 2018 with the winners announced shortly after. Entries for the competition will open for all domestic and international beers on November 1, 2017.

The London Beer Competition has been created exclusively by the Beverage Trade Network, the US drinks events, services, business and publishing group, dedicated to helping drinks producers and brand owners get closer to the buyers, distributors and retailers that can bring their products to market. It is part of a new wider London drinks awards initiative that also includes The London Spirits Competition.
If you would like any more information then please contact Sally Gill at or call USA +1 855 481 1112 or UK +44 0203 8580159
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