Top 10 wacky food and drink Guinness World Records
by Lauren Eads

How big is the world’s largest glass of beer? How many beer bottles is it possible to open with one’s feet in a minute? And where might you go if you want to be waited on by robots?

Everyone loves a challenge, and since the 1950s the Guinness World Records team has been baiting those with a competitive streak into the most wacky, weird and wonderful record breaking attempts.

It all began in 1951 when Sir Hugh Beaver, then managing director of the Guinness brewery, asked the members of his shooting party: “What is Europe’s fastest game bird?”

A heated argument ensued and despite searching their host’s reference library the answer could not be found.

It was at that moment that Sir Hugh decided to create a “definitive book containing superlative facts and answers would be of great use to the general public”, and the Guinness Book of World Record was born. The first edition was released in 1955, and has been a stocking-filler staple ever since.

Now called simply “Guinness World Records”, every year the team adjudicate on all manner of weird and wonderful record attempts.