Support Franchise Law Reform
The Massachusetts Brewers Guild, once again, is fighting to pass franchise law reform in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Here are the two legislative solutions we support:

House Bill 183 would create a 90-day binding arbitration clause in the existing process used to settle disputes between craft brewers and wholesalers, ensuring that legal battles don't drag on for years, even as the parties are forced to continue working together. The bill would also define which craft brewer/wholesaler relationships would be eligible for this binding arbitration process, and ensures that wholesalers are still compensated whenver craft brewers move.
Senate Bill 136 would allow private contracts to govern the relationship between these two business partners without state intervention.
In contrast, the beer wholesalers have filed their own bill that would exclude 90% of the beer brewed in Massachusetts. The legislation would be the first of its kind in the nation that excludes in-state brewers from the franchise reform effort greatly limiting the law's ability to positively increase job growth and economic development in MA.

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Sign the below peition to communicate your support for franchise law reform that includes all Massachusetts brewers. In doing so, a message will automatically be sent to your State Representative and State Senator communicating your support of the craft beer industry and our two legislative solutions.

With your voice, we will bring fresher beers and more brands to your corner of Massachusetts. Get involved. Show that you #supportMAcraftbrewers, and sign our petition TODAY! Then share to Facebook and Twitter!
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