Greetings Tegestologists!

if you are a beer coaster collector, please take a look at my website
A little over two years ago I started up this new website.

George Barone, the proprietor of Coastermania had sold his collection
With George's blessing and approval I started
and started converting the coastermania information to a new database-driven website.

This new site has a number of features for members:

- over 30,000 coasters are on file for the United States and Canada
- Every coaster, ever produced by a brewer
- enables you to track your collection inventory - online.
- Members have entered about 195,000 coaster inventory records so far
- performs a want-list comparison with other members who have coasters to trade - in a few seconds!
- Search capability by coaster code, text or brewer name
- Brewer lists of those that have produced coasters - can be sorted by name code or city
- Enlarged images of coasters to show detail and fine print
- browse coasters for free - sign up as a member top use Search, inventory and other features)
- Not only am I a collector, I do all the website programming myself, and I am adding new features all the time.

I am considering enabling the site to track other collectibles such as caps, crowns, labels etc. using all the features that provides, such as inventory and want-list comparison. I am open to suggestions and feedback.


Gil Davis
Albuquerque, NM