It's time to participate in a great tradition...the National IPA Championships!
Four different competitons (IPA, Imperial IPA, Session IPA and Specialty IPA) with head to head, week to week match ups to determine the champions in each category. It all starts next Thursday; and continues weekly up until the championship rounds in mid-March. The brackets let you watch the competition unfold!
Better still, our Beer Brackets let you compete too! The highest scoring bracket that predicts the winner in each of the four specialties will receive a case of the Championship beer! [*Note: With the introduction of multiple 64-player brackets for the larger competitions, the highest scoring bracket that predicts the winner will be our public winner. Bracket scores will not be added between brackets (it would be hard to do). Be sure to enter in each bracket, as that will increase your chances of winning.]

Please click the NIPAC URL below to see further explanation of the contest...then click to go to the locker room. After confirming your age, you will be able to review the beers and proceed to our on-line contest. Most brewers have submitted their stats, the better to inform you as you decide who to root for
We realize the Locker Room can seem a little intimidating, but it's full of vital information for you to make your picks. For those who want even more, look for the "previous competitions" link.
You can also click directly on the links above if you are already clued in!
Once ready, choose the "Predict It!" link and you will be taken to our brackets software, where you can enter your picks for the entire tournament. Making your predictions may take a sure to FINISH your entry. (Please Note: Some breweries face Byes in the first round. Please choose the bye's opponent to win. Unfortunately, this cannot be automated!)

Make sure your predictions are complete *reminder*! Please make your predictions ASAP!
Want to know if your favorite IPAs advance to the next level? Follow their progress on-line using the link provided in the Locker Room. Winners are posted to the web site within 24 hours of each round. Be sure to subscribe to our Beer Brackets email newsletter so that we can notify you the moment the results are posted!
Now go and make your picks. Root for your favorite brewery and be sure to let your friends know to make their picks too---it's fun to compare your picks and see who wins!

Thanks for participating!