Unknown Brewing Co. Debuts Beer Brewed with Coffee Beans Pooped Out by Elephants

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Unknown Brewing Co.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 5th, 2018) – On February 16th The Unknown Brewing Company will be releasing the rarest beer they've ever made. The appropriately titled Imperial Pastry Sweet Stout will be called "Rarest Bean" due to the 2 different beans that were used during the brewing process. The first bean that was used was "Black Ivory Coffee", it is literally the rarest coffee bean on earth. The coffee is consumed and processed (and by processed we mean pooped out) by elephants and only 1,000 pounds of coffee are produced a year, thus making this coffee extremely expensive ($100 a bag).

The second bean that was used was the Tongan vanilla bean, each vanilla bean container only contains 2 beans and is around $30-$40 per container. The vanilla bean is sliced opened down the middle and the oils inside are used to create an extremely rich vanilla flavor.

Due to how rare and expensive these beans are we are only producing 100 bottles and are limiting the taproom only release to only 2 bottles per person.

Make sure you come out next Friday to secure your bottle of the "Rarest Bean", an incredible Imperial Pastry Stout.