Pliny the Younger on tap Thursday am!

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Well, they made it to Downey on time. We're excited to be able to tell you that we'll be tapping 2 kegs of Russian River Brewing Co's sought-after Pliny the Younger tomorrow morning. And also a keg on Sunday the 18th at 11:30 am for those of you who are more traditionally employed. Here's the (kind of how we always do it) deal:

We love tapping this beer as soon as it hits the decks... If you're here tomorrow you're most likely getting the freshest Younger in town. At around 10 am tomorrow our Stone driver will roll down 30th Street, wave to you, and then pull around back to unload the kegs. They're delivered cold, straight into our walk-in, where a brand new beer line will be ready to be hooked up. We'll hook it up. We'll try it. It'll be good. Then we'll open the doors (before our normal 11:30 am opening time) and let you in. On the first day, we tap two kegs in succession... 10 oz pours... that'll yield close to 400 glasses so it's not that hard to get some if you're here before noon. Get here at 1pm and you should be ok but it could be a bit trickier. We'll be serving $5 breakfast sandwiches all morning; we suggest you eat, and it might be a good idea to bring some water to drink while you're waiting. The Younger is 10.25% abv after all, and of course you're going to want to have a cold pint of Pliny the Elder to go along with it so food + water = a better time for all. We will also tap a keg on Sunday and open the doors at 11:30 am. Close to 200 glasses on Sunday, but you might want to be nearby around 11am... And because we're fortunate enough to get a goodly amount of this amazing beer, we will stick with tradition and do a surprise tapping sometime between Monday & Wednesday of next week. Hint: if you see a small Australian Cattle Dog lurking nearby then you'll know you're here on the right night.

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This great beer deserves to be served as fresh as possible, so we like to get it in & get it on.
Tomorrow is going to be fun... we look forward to seeing you here!

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