I screwed up...
As reader David kindly pointed out, the MLB season starts Thursday, not Wednesday as I had said in the last email. Over-anxious, I guess... Anyway, we're just going to start drinking .394 a day early... And this way you can have the glass at your house and ready to go by Thursday. AND we just learned that we'll be getting kegs of Kern River Brewing Citra & Church IPA's tomorrow so we'll have those on tap too. Sorry for the mix-up.

"Major League Baseball starts tomorrow! We've decide that we'll be keeping AleSmith's outstanding .394 Pale Ale on tap all season long. Brewed with the assistance of Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn and his family, .394 (named for the phenomenal batting average he achieved in 1994) is a hoppy San Diego Pale Ale that you'll want to drink all Spring & Summer long. We'll be doing a cool .394 Keep-the-glass deal too... A must for the Padre fan in your life, or simply for anyone who appreciates good hitting. And hoppy beer."

We survived Orval Day last Saturday with a healthy supply of glassware left, so we'll be running a second keep-the glass deal of the week on Thursday featuring the wonderful Orval trappist ale. If you missed it around town Saturday, or simply can't get enough of this great beer, come check us out this Thursday. That's all for now...

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