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Work, work, work...
Hey, it's 7pm in Belgium. If you somehow missed out on Orval Day, we're giving it a mini-reprise starting today. We've got a couple dozen of these glasses we're willing to part with: $12 bucks gets you the glass and a delicious (trust us) Orval. We also have a couple AleSmith .394 glasses left as well, so be sure to ask about those if you're interested. The real reason for this email though, is to brag about our current draft list. We're adding two drafts today, the first is from the Bruery: White Chocolate, a 14% abv ale aged in Bourbon barrels with Cacao nibs and vanilla beans. Little glasses. The second is Burgeon's Dutchman's Pipe, a 10.3% Imperial Stout with Ethiopian Sidamo coffee and vanilla beans. Hey, we're not all about IPA's... Although waiting in reserve in the walk-in right now we have kegs of hoppy beers from Green Cheek, Mumford, Burgeon, Melvin, Burning Beard & Artifex. And you can see what other incredible IPA's we're pouring right now by scrolling down a bit. It's a veritable Murderers Row of India Pale Ales heading your way this weekend. And that reminds us that it is the start of baseball season today. We failed to deliver on the link to this a couple weeks ago, but we'll fix that now. It's a little something we watch every year to get us in the mood. A heads-up: it is rather profane... We'll see you here today, and all season long.

RUSSIAN RIVER- Pliny the Elder, Blind Pig IPA, Row 2/ Hill 56
SOCIETE- The Fiddler, The Pupil, The Statesman, The Pugilist, The Baroness
KERN RIVER- Citra IPA, Chuuurch IPA
THE BRUERY- White Chocolate
COUNCIL- Woofle Dust w/ Apricots
PIZZA PORT OB- Jetty IPA, Surf Check Alley IPA
BURGEON/ NEW GLORY- Taste the RainBroh IPA
BELLS- Two Hearted Ale
NEW ENGLISH- Zumbar Coffee Stout on nitro
CASCADE- Midnight Bramble
FIRESTONE WALKER- Lager, Easy Jack IPA, Stickee Monkee
BOTTLE LOGIC- Van Pelt Pale, Stealth Mode
ALESMITH- .394 Pale Ale
PIZZA PORT BRESSI- Sonoma Pride Belgian Pale
BOSTEELS- Tripel Karmeleit
ALLAGASH- White, Curieux, Interlude
ALASKAN BREWING- 2010 Barleywine
CRAFTSMAN- Angelina Weisse, El Prieto Sour Ale
SIERRA NEVADA- Draft Pale Ale (always $4!)
EL SEGUNDO- Power Plant 3x IPA, Hammerland IPA, Gotta Get It IPA
FALL BREWING- Puppy Cuddles - Nitro (Friday)
BALLAST POINT- Aloha Sculpin
BR. BOCKOR- Cuvee de Jacobins
PORT/ LOST ABBEY- Devotion Ale, High Tide IPA
BURGEON- Net 30 IPA, Good Arvo! IPA, 30 & Thriving IPA, Dutchman's Pipe
2 TOWNS CIDERHOUSE- Pacific Pineapple Cider, Bright Apple Cider
FRANK BOON- Oude Kriek Lambic
D'ACHOUFFE- La Chouffe

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