Birmingham restaurant to make beer from wildflowers
by Phoebe French
The beer, which will be a Belgian-style Saison, will be flavoured with the meadowsweet flower, also known as mead wort.

Due to be launched at Burning Soul brewery on 6 May, the beer will be available in both bottle and keg.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Carter said: “I’ve added my own touches to the beer after foraging for wild flowers on flat meadows in north Birmingham last summer.”

He collected a kilo of the wildflowers which were then dried in a dehydrator before being turned into a powder.

“We’ve added vanilla and Kings Heath Highbury honey to the leaves and it will have a deep, honey taste. The 600 litres of beer will make 1,000 bottles with special labels,” he added.

The beer will be available in Carters of Moseley and Burning Soul as well as a number of selected outlets in the city including Tilt.

Carter also revealed that he’ll be producing the beer in two different sized bottles, including a larger format for sharing at the table.

“In the restaurant, a 330cl bottle will sell for about £7,” he said.

“There will also be a 750cl bottle with wax tops for about £14-16 that would enable a table of five to all share some”.

Carter together with partner Holly Jackson opened Carters of Moseley in 2010 and won their first Michelin star in 2015. Burning Soul was founded in 2016 by former homebrewers Rich Murphy and Chris Small and specialises in unfined and unfiltered craft beer in a range of styles.

This isn’t the first time that Carter has tried his hand at brewing. In December last year, he unveiled a collaborative brew with Liverpool brewery Mad Hatter called Pine Sour.