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Thread: CT - Milford-Based Craft Brewery and Biergarten Proposal

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    CT - Milford-Based Craft Brewery and Biergarten Proposal

    Dockside, Milford-Based Craft Brewery and Biergarten Proposal, Planning and Zoning Hearing Date Set for June 19
    Petition Launched in Support of Job-Creating, Neighborhood Revitalizing Waterfront Project

    Milford, Connecticut (May 25, 2018) – Today, Dockside, a Milford-based waterfront craft brewery and biergarten (beer garden) proposal, announced that an official Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing date has been set for Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 7:30 PM in Milford City Hall (110 River Street, Milford, CT 06460).

    Approval from the Milford’s ten-member Planning and Zoning Commission is the final hurdle that Dockside needs to clear before entering the construction phase, according to co-owners Bob Chicoine and Dan Bagley.

    “The overwhelming support from Milford-residents and the local craft beer and restaurant communities has been pleasantly overwhelming,” said Chicoine. “We hope that this job-creating, neighborhood revitalizing project will serve as a win-win for families, craft beer drinkers, and taxpayers.

    “When folks cross the bridge coming in from Stratford, we want to be viewed as a welcoming Gateway to Milford. It’ll be like a little slice of Nantucket on the Housatonic, but with easier access to great-tasting, locally brewed craft beer.”

    In addition to the hearing date announcement, the co-owner duo also noted that a petition has been launched to provide proponents of the project an opportunity to voice their support to Planning and Zoning Commission members.

    Click here to view the petition:

    “As a Milford-native and longtime local taxpayer, I’ve been hoping to see a waterfront destination site like this for decades, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of it,” said Bagley. “As long as we get the approvals needed to start moving on the construction-phase of the project, our hope is that next summer folks will be able to order an on-site brewed, great-tasting local craft beer and walk out onto our waterfront biergarten while watching an active marina full of beautiful boats passing by — and while all parties involved are having a great time on the water or waterfront.”

    Click here for photos of Dockside co-owners and the project site:

    The property where Dockside will be located is currently occupied by a home (50 Bridgeport Ave.) and Village Marina (40 Bridgeport Ave.). Plans for the property include demolishing the existing home—which will pave the way for 112 parking spots—and renovating the 4,000 square foot building that currently houses Village Marina to then serve as the new craft brewery.

    In addition, near the waterfront, two docks will be renovated to hold boat slips and inland will be home to Milford’s first biergarten. To maximize the waterfront views, there will be a wide array of waterside seating and deck space for craft brewery goers. Plans for the brewery include around 75 boat slips to allow boaters to dock at the marina.

    Several agencies that have given approval for the project include Wetlands, Police, Fire, Building, City Engineer, and the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Receiving approval from Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board is the last hurdle Dockside must clear to begin renovations.

    If the Dockside proposal is approved, owners plan to open in 2019, joining two other breweries coming to Milford in the near future. There’s currently over 65 craft breweries up-and-running across the state, and around 40 more are in the planning stages. Connecticut's craft beer boom is resulting in an over $700 million economic impact annually and the creation of more than 4,600 jobs and counting, according to the Brewer’s Association.

    “Connecticut’s craft beer industry is thriving,” said Representative Rose, the state legislator who represents the part of Milford in which the waterfront property occupies. “As Connecticut struggles with sluggish post-recession economic growth, I’ll continue fighting for the craft beer industry, and other job-creating industries, that are helping to put residents to work while growing our state’s economy."

    “The success of craft breweries is about more than beer,” said Brett Broesder, Milford resident and local craft beer enthusiast. “It's also about serving as a gathering place, a source of local identity and pride, and as a means for neighborhood revitalization, economic growth and job creation. For these reasons and more, Dockside’s proposal to open up a craft brewery and waterfront beer garden in Milford is a big win for our community.”

    To begin renovations, owners need site plan approval, and coastal area management site plan approval from Milford's Planning and Zoning Board. The proposal aims to establish a waterfront biergarten and craft brewery on a 3-acre parcel along the Housatonic River at 40-50 Bridgeport Ave., just over the Washington bridge from Stratford, according to the Connecticut Post.

    Dockside is a waterfront biergarten and brewery project located in Milford, Connecticut (40-50 Bridgeport Ave.). Plans for the property include demolishing the existing home – which will pave the way for 112 parking spots – and renovating the 4,000 square foot building that currently houses Village Marina to then serve as the new craft brewery. For more information, visit the website at

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    Milford, Connecticut (June 22, 2018) - Dockside, a new 4,200-square-foot, 30 tap craft brewery and waterfront biergarten project on the Housatonic River, took a major step this week in receiving unanimous approval from Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board.

    Leading up to this week’s Planning and Zoning Board meeting, which included a public hearing and vote, more than 1,500 people signed a petition in support of the project. And, a video in support of the project was created and distributed via social media channels aimed at increasing awareness of the project and to encourage public support.

    In response to the vote, Dockside co-owners Dan Bagley and Bob Chicoine -- who is a partner in Jacksonville, Florida based craft brewery, Engine 15 -- said they’re thrilled about the result.

    “Giving the green light to Dockside is great news for Milford, Connecticut and the future of its Devon-neighborhood,” said Chicoine and Bagley. “We want to thank members of Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board, Mayor Blake, and the more than 1,500 residents and others who supported our project by signing our petition.

    “We truly believe that Dockside will serve as the gateway to Milford It’ll be like a little slice of Nantucket right here in this great city. Here’s the bottom line: Dockside will create jobs, revitalize a currently underused property, and provide folks in the neighborhood and across the city even more access to the waterfront. It’s a perfect trifecta for Milford.”


    Milford’s eleven-member Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously in favor of the first-of-its-kind project after several Milford residents, during the public hearing portion of the meeting, spoke in favor of its job-creating, neighborhood revitalizing benefits for the community.

    Those who spoke in favor of the project included city economic development director Julie Nash reading a letter of support from EDC chairman Michael Lynch, and State Representative Kim Rose.

    City Economic Development Director Julie Nash read a letter of support from EDC chairman Michael Lynch, who wrote that the economic impact of craft breweries is “staggering,” and noted the importance of job creation. State Rep. Kim Rose, D-Milford, whose district includes Devon — and who was long involved in the Devon revitalization effort — also wrote in favor.

    Getting the green light from Milford’s Planning and Zoning Board represents the last agency or board approval that is necessary for Dockside to start construction. The final hurdle permit-wise is securing a building permit from the city.

    Once construction is complete, Dockside will need to receive a Certificate of Occupancy from the city.

    Chicoine and Bagley hope to open Dockside in 2019.


    Once open, Dockside will brew award-winning Engine 15 branded craft ales under the Jacksonville, Florida based company’s license on site in Milford, Connecticut.

    Luch Scremin, the head brewmaster at Engine 15, when asked about coming into the Connecticut craft beer market, recently told the Jacksonville Business Journal that ‘the beer laws in Connecticut are “pretty friendly, which is another plus for us.’”

    Connecticut is currently experiencing an economic boon from the craft beer industry and its showing few signs of slowing down. In fact, over the past decade, Connecticut has experienced an over 500 percent increase in the number of craft breweries, with nearly 70 up-and-running statewide today.

    In addition, the economic impact of Connecticut’s craft beer industry is more than $700 million, almost double what it was five years ago. And, in 2010, Connecticut had fewer than 10 craft breweries.

    Now, Connecticut boasts nearly 70 operational breweries, with dozens more in the planning stages.

    Craft brewery growth isn’t just happening in Connecticut. Nationally, over the past decade, the number of brewery establishments nationwide expanded by a factor of six, and the number of brewery workers grew by 120 percent.

    Dockside is seeking to add a waterfront destination to Milford, Connecticut’s growing craft beer scene. The site where Dockside plans to open up shop – complete with a craft brewery, 30 tap lines, a waterfrontbiergarten, and approximately 112 parking spots – is located just over the Washington Bridge, which connects Milford to Stratford. For more info, please visit the Dockside website at
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