Beer finds its way into everything from jerky to ice cream
By Alastair Bland
Until the 1980s and ’90s, wine was generally the beverage of choice served with meals in the United States. The craft beer renaissance changed this, elevating beer to a new status in social and culinary realms that allowed it a respected place at the dinner table. This has helped lead to the use of beer in cooking. It has long been standard to pour a dash of wine into a stew or a sauté. Now, chefs are increasingly doing the same with beer.

This application of beer is often as simple as making a beer batter for dunking a fish fillet or an onion ring, seen at Marin and Moylan’s brewpubs, for example. It may also involve slightly more sophisticated preparations, like Marin Brewing’s clams steamed in pale ale, and, at Iron Springs Pub and Brewery, a cobb salad with turkey brined in IPA and pork braised in stout and barbecued.

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