Brewery technician finds 5 ft snake in pubís beer cooler
by Phoebe French
A brewery technician called out to fix a beer cooler at a Warwickshire pub got a bit more than he bargained for when, what he thought was algae, turned out to be a 5ft long snake.
As reported by Birmingham Live, Paul Guild, 49, was called out to the New Swan pub in Atherstone to fix a faulty beer cooler.

When he went to inspect the remote cooler in the pubís cellar, he found the snake wrapped around a pump inside the water bath.

Guild said: ďI looked at the water bath inside the cooler and it looked like there was some green algae.

ďI gave it a pull and it moved! I jumped out of my skin, then thought I was seeing things. So I checked it with the torch on my phone and it was a snake.

ďI went upstairs to call our Health and Safety team to make a report Ė I think it is the first time anyone has reported a snake incident Ė itís usually a mild electric shock, or getting covered in beer!

ďI donít mind spiders and things, but I really donít like snakes!Ē

Emma Campbell, 43, co-owner of the pub in question still isnít sure how the snake got into the cooler.

She said: ďWe did have a resident who had a corn snake, and he left weeks ago, so it could have been his.

ďBut the animal welfare people who collected it said that it could have come in from outside Ė apparently they can slip in and out quite easilyĒ.

The snake was confirmed to be non-venomous and a corn snake.

Itís not only in pubs where snakes are making a name for themselves. Earlier this year, a tiger snake was captured on camera as it completed a daring balancing act by slithering along the top wire of a fence at a Tasmanian vineyard.

Meanwhile, in 2016, a disgruntled customer abandoned a 13ft python at a sushi restaurant in retribution after he was asked to leave by staff.

In a bizarre turn of events, in 2013, a woman in northern China had to receive hospital treatment after a snake preserved in rice wine jumped out of the bottle and bit her hand.

Finally, in fake snake news, in the same year, a viral story about a python eating a drunk man in India has turned out to be a hoax as it was found that the snake in question was also accused of eating people in China, South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia.
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