Where in the UK are pubs disappearing the fastest?
by Lauren Eads
It might be a Great British institution, but pubs are now closing at a rate of 18 per week, painting a “dismal picture for our pubs”, according to The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), with a total of 476 closing in the first six months of the year – 13 more than the same period in 2017.

n 2014, the rate of pub closures hit a high of 29 per week. Since then, a number of initiatives have been launched by CAMRA alongside MPs to ease the rate of decline in the on-trade, but the pressure on the industry remains high.

Camra’s chairman Jackie Parker said a triple threat of higher beer duties, rising business rates and VAT is continuing to force pubs out of business, with a third of the cost of a pint now made up of tax. According to CAMRA’s Good Pub Guide, the average price of a pint in the UK has risen by 13p in the past year to £3.60, as inflation pushes prices higher. (Find out which city is the cheapest for a pint in the UK here.)

It means that more people than ever are choosing to forego the pub and stay at home instead, with four out of five people surveyed reporting that they had seen a pub shut down within five miles of their home in the last five years, according to a YouGov poll. Adding to the cocktail of pressures, young people are now consuming less alcohol than ever, but are spending more if they do.

Overall, 431 pubs closed across England from January to June 2018, with the total remaining pubs standing at 40,587, compared with just 14 in Scotland and 31 in Wales.

‘Vicious cycle’

To support the industry, CAMRA is calling on the Government to abandon any upcoming increases to the tax paid by pubs in November’s Budget.

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