Which beers do Brits actually want to drink?
by Edith Hancock
Japanese beer brand Kirin has found that “brand heritage” is one of the most crucial factors for choosing a beer at the bar, but contrasting research shows that punters don’t really know where their brew comes from.
Kirin Ichiban surveyed more than 2,000 members of the public to determine how they spend their free time, and more than half (53%) said they would prefer to spend it in a boozer.

Once in, one in three said they opt for a premium global beer over anything else. In terms of making a choice, 70% respondents said that quality was a crucial factor, followed by “superior taste,” which 61% of people said was important.

The results also revealed that 79% of respondents rated “philosophy and brand heritage” as highly important when selecting a beer.

However, a YouGov survey backed by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) which was released this week paints a slightly different picture. It found that nearly three quarters (74%) of drinkers say they’re concerned that small independent breweries are being bought by larger multinational drinks companies in the UK.

There are some similarities between both surveys. While Kirin’s highlighted the importance of heritage in marketing, CAMRA’s study warned that consumers are confused over what, exactly, is in their glass.

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