Tasmania's beer boom bubbling along, as prospect of 'brewery tourism' excites
By Leon Compton

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In Australia beer consumption has been falling steadily and dramatically since 1971.
And yet, in the brewing industry something's happening that has seen investment in smaller operations expand dramatically.

Across Tasmania there are now 26 breweries and almost every one of them opened in the past four years.

This new generation of brewers don't just want to sell you their beer they want to pour it for you and tell you about it, too.

"Having people coming to connect with what we're doing and being able to tell our story is one of the more important factors," says Cornel Ianculovici, head brewer and managing director of Shambles Brewery in North Hobart.

"It's not just about the beer, it's about the people who make it as well."

In warehouses, city shopfronts and small towns, breweries are springing up. In North Hobart alone, within walking distance of Shambles, there are now five.

Mr Ianculovici's story seems typical: a keen home brewer with a background in science decides to find some investors and begin selling beer.

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