Stolen experimental beer might be a danger to thief's health
Stolen beer was being tested for glass after breakage at site
A brazen beer burglar has been warned not to drink the booze, which may contain glass.

Three 24-packs of beers, including two of Waikato Draught, were stolen from a loading dock at Speight's Brewery on Rattray St Dunedin, between 24-27 of August.

"The irony of this is that the beer, whoever has taken it, was being tested and that beer should not be consumed by anybody," Senior Sergeant Trevor Thomson said.

"The consumption of it might be detrimental to their health."

Lion Nathan, which owns Speight's Brewery, said there had been a small glass breakage at one of our lines at our manufacturing site in Auckland.

The company isolated some cartons of Waikato Draught as a precaution.

"There is a very small chance there is some glass contamination within the two boxes of Waikato Draught that were taken, which is why they were removed from stock."

The bottles were kept aside and sent to Dunedin so "we could use them to run routine checks in the lab there", a spokeswoman said.

"We test our beers on a regular basis for things like colour and aroma."

The product was clearly marked as held stock and was stored in an isolated location, away from public view.

"The chance of any contamination is minimal however product safety is a priority for us, which is why the beers were removed."

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