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This is interesting. What makes a burner inefficient? Doesn't all of the gas get utilized when it comes out of the burner?
Well, O2, It's not rocket science...

Oh wait, it IS rocket science. And i'm not a rocket scientist!

My pedestrian understanding of incomplete combustion is that if the fuel leaves the combustion zone (i.e. the flame) and cools before it has had a chance to completely oxidize, it will result in carbon monoxide and other gases in addition to CO2. Factors that affect this could be fuel-to-air ratio and mixing and the speed at which the hot, expanding gasses are carried away from from the flame.

Complete combustion of propane would result in CO2, H2O, and nothing else.

I don't have any idea how smothing out the imperfections in the burner casting would affect efficiency -- it doesn't make any sense to me either. Is there a rocket scientist here?