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Thread: American Beer Month Pub Crawl -- DC

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    American Beer Month Pub Crawl -- DC

    Today is the first day of American Beer Month.

    To celebrate American Beer Month I am planning a pub crawl. The crawl has been tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 29th.

    The crawl will consist of the following fine beer establishment downtown:

    John Harvard’s
    Capitol City
    Gordon Biersch
    Chop House

    The order and timing have not been worked out yet. I will send out more details as I develop them.


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    Hey dude - no need to post the same thing more than once; there's a function on the homepage called "view new posts", and most of us use that when we log back in. Hence, we saw all 3 of your posts, one right after the other, and it didn't matter that they were in 3 different areas. Hope you have a great time though!

    I think Lyle Lovett said it best: "Once Is Enough"!
    So many beers, so little time off... - Drop in and say hi! WAY better than the old one.

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    American Beer Month Pub Crawl -- DC

    Sorry about the multiple posts the last time.

    Here is a tenative schedule and route for the pub crawl. It will take place on Friday, July 29.

    Start Time 5:00 PM

    5:00 – 5:45: John Harvard’s, 13th Street NW between F and E Streets

    6:00 – 6:45: Capitol City, corner of 11th and H Streets NW

    7:00 – 7:45: Gordon Biersch, 900 F Street NW

    8:00 – 8:45: DC Chop House, 509 7th Street NW

    9:00 – 10:00: DA’s RFD, 810 7th Street NW

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