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Thread: Stouts

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    BJCP Style Guidelines

    13a: Dry Stout
    13b: Sweet Stout
    13c: Oatmeal Stout
    13d: Foreign Extra Stout
    13e: American Stout
    13f: Russian Imperial Stout
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    Eddy Oatmeal Stout
    Recipe Specifics
    Batch Size (Gal): 5.00 Wort Size (Gal): 5.00
    Anticipated OG: 1.069 Plato: 16.92
    Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes


    % Amount Name Origin Potential SRM
    61.5 8.00 lbs. Pale Malt(2-row) Great Britain 1.038 3
    7.7 1.00 lbs. Flaked Barley America 1.032 2
    1.9 0.25 lbs. Roasted Barley America 1.028 450
    3.8 0.50 lbs. Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt 1.033 2
    7.7 1.00 lbs. Chocolate Malt America 1.029 350
    1.9 0.25 lbs. Crystal 80L 1.033 80
    15.4 2.00 lbs. Flaked Oats America 1.033 2

    Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


    Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
    1.00 oz. Bullion Pellet 7.00 31.4 60 min.
    1.00 oz. Goldings - E.K. Pellet 4.75 5.7 15 min.

    WYeast 1084 Irish Ale

    Infusion Mash at 150 F for 1 hour
    This makes a most excellent Sam Smith Style Oatmeal Stout but slightly stronger in alcohol. I've done it with London Ale 1318 but you really have to ferment at a lower temp to keep the esters out. Two pounds of oats - it can be a b*tch to sparge.
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    Honey Stout.

    Extract Foreign Extra Style Stout.

    5 Gallons.

    3.3 lbs. Dark Malt Extract (Liquid).
    6 lbs. Amber Malt Extract (Liquid).
    1 lb. Orange Blossom Honey (@ 5 min)

    1 lb. Roasted Unmalted Barley (155 F @ 30 min).

    3 oz. Challenger Hop Pellets 7% AAU (3 @ 60 min).
    3 oz. Fuggle Hop Pellets 4.5% AAU (1 @ 45 min, 1 @ 30 min, 1 @ 15 min).

    WLP002 - White Labs English Ale Yeast.

    Full Boil (If doing partial, you WILL need to increase hop amounts).

    Taste - Very strong, has a nice coffee aroma, and a large mouthfeel to it. Honey IS NOT tasteable. I have NO ONE ELSE to give me a rating on this beer, as I am the only one that will drink it (Therefore, brew at your own risk). It has a fair amount of alcohol in it, so be mindful of how much you drink.

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    Dark Reaper Stout

    9 Lbs Light DME
    .65 Lbs 120L crystal Malt
    .50 Lbs Black Malt flour
    .25 Chocolate malt
    .50 Lbs Roasted Barley

    .60 Oz Nugget
    1 oz Chinook
    .7 oz willamette

    Ale yeast

    90 min: Nugget and Chinook
    20 min willamette
    Warning! This beer might be fatal to bud drinkers!

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    A Mid Summers night stout, Act 2

    As it sounds the second incarnation of this recipe, the first is similar minus the chocolate malt. both are great recipies i suggest for anyone wanting a nice summer stout

    Partial mash directions

    3.3lbs light LME
    1lb light dme
    1.5lbs chrisp maris otter
    1lb flaked barley
    1lb roast barley
    .25 lbs chocolate malt
    1oz kent goldings (boil 60 min)
    1oz kent goldings (.5 at 20 min, .5 at 10)
    white labs Irish Ale Yeast

    mash at 153 degrees +-
    sparg at 70

    A lovely black/red stout, personally my favorite beer to date.
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    Maltese Stout

    Grain Bill:
    6.6 lbs Dark Liquid Malt Extract
    .75 lbs Carmel Malt - 60 deg.
    .6 lbs Black Patent
    .3 lbs Chocolate Malt
    .8 lbs Roasted Barley

    Hop Bill:
    1 1/2 oz Northern Brewer (45 min boil)
    1/2 oz Northern Brewer (15 min boil)

    Yeast: WLP004 - Irish Ale Yeast

    Prime with 1 cup Maple syrup

    Although I call this Benevolent Brew origional a stout it is also very close to a robust porter due to the high malt character. However, due to the well balanced astringency/bitterness provided by the black patent and nothern brewer I have settled on calling this a stout. The maple syrup gives this brew a tight and rich creamy head that complements the full mouth-feel of this ale. You may notice the somewhat irregular weights in the grain bill. These are the result of much tinkering and tasting, and after 2 batches of this version I feel its a keeper...great brew for a cold Albany winter day. Enjoy!
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    I brewed this up a couple of months ago. Had some during the game last night and its pretty damn good. ONly thing I am dissatified with is the color of the head...It is a light brown, but I was hoping for cream or white color.

    10 gallon batch:

    3 # Oatmeal
    3 # maris otter
    1 # chocolate malt
    rested at 130 for 45 minutes (i dont' remember why i did this)
    mashed at 150 for 60 minutes
    sparged with 170 water

    3.5 # light LME
    6.2 # Amber LME
    7.0 # Dark LME

    75 minute hops:
    2 ounce K goldings
    1 ounce Target
    1 ounce Fuggles

    15 minute hops:
    1 ounce K goldings

    5 minute hops:
    1 ounce K goldings

    Wyeast Irish Ale yeast; 1.5 quart starter batch.

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    Jack Oak Texas-T Stout

    3 lbs Muntons Light DME
    3 lbs Marris Otter Pale Malt
    0.75 lbs Crystal 90L
    0.33 lbs Chocolate malt
    0.63 lbs Wyermann Carafa II
    0.5 lbs Victory Malt
    0.63 lbs Wyermann Carafa III

    0.5 oz Centennial 7% AA 60 minutes
    1 oz Cascade Whole 6% AA 30 minutes
    1 oz Cascade Whole 6% AA 2 minutes
    0.5 oz Centennial 7% AA 2 minutes

    1 Whirlfloc tablet
    2 oz Jack Daniels Oak Chips
    2 pkgs Safbrew T-58

    Note: This is a 3 gallon recipe

    Mashed grains for 45 minutes at ~150F. Sparged at 170-175F. (my mash and sparge water volumes were from a generic formula, but I failed to write them down.) Brought to boil, added extract and continued normally. Cooled, and added 2 packages of rehydrated Safbrew T-58.

    Primary: 13 days
    Secondary: 6 weeks

    Going into secondary I racked onto 2oz's of Jack Daniels Oak chips that had been soaking in Jack Daniels for ~30 minutes. Bottled normally, for a 3 gallon batch, with corn sugar.

    OG: 1.094
    FG: 1.018
    ABV: ~10%
    IBUs: 56.2

    (special thanks to Bob C., for help formulating this recipe)

    After 2 months in bottles, here are some tasting notes:

    Jet Black, no light seeps through this stuff. Slight tan head dissapates quickly, slight carbonation.

    Nose is of toffee sweetness, some vanilla that disappears quickly and slight oakiness; spicy; some hopiness. As is warms more oakiness comes through as do the hops.

    Tastes of dark chocolate malty sweetness, spicy, some hops, dry, a bitter but not bad aftertaste. Medium bodied. As it warms I detect some "heat" on my tongue, but the alcohol is pretty well hidden. There are some fusel alcohols here, as my secondary temp got a bit out of control for short time.

    I dont get any whiskey flavor or aroma. I did when I bottled it, but its gone. I would like to have more whiskey flavor and aroma, but in this case the hops that are detectable in the nose and flavor are very nice, and I dont think they would go well with whiskey. All-in-all a very nice Imperial stout I'd put up against Old Rasputin anyday.
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    Ouch, tried to get this in the Imperial Stout "sticky" thread, but screwed the pooch. Moderators feel free to move this if you want.

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    without any roasted barley, it that actually a stout. It might be an Imperial Porter.
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    Wilson, it's moved. Hogie, I agree with you somewhat that the lack of roasted barley or black malt may hurt it's chances in a contest, but it's too big for a porter. (except a Baltic porter, but it's even less of a Baltic porter than it is a stout...) if one was to brew this with an eye to contest entries, I'd consider subbing some roasted barley for some of the Carafa 3...
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    I like the roasty flavor in a stout, and I'm looking for a good recipe. I found a SA Cream Stout clone recipe that I may try soon.
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    I just racked this to the tertiary and man, does it taste fine, can't wait to get it bottled and carbonated.

    Black Bart Stout

    Extract only; ingredients for 2.5 gallon batch

    3.0 lb. dry dark malt extract
    1.0 lb. dry amber malt extract
    .50 lb. black patent malt
    .25 lb. chocolate malt
    .25 lb. roasted barley
    (steep grains @ 150 degrees for 10 minutes)
    .50 oz. kent goldings hops (60 min.)
    .50 oz. fuggles hops (30 min.)
    .25 tsp. irish moss (15 min.)
    .25 oz. fuggles hops (5 min.)

    3.0 lb. Oregon Fruit Puree - Blackberry (rack wort over puree into secondary for at least 7 days or until fermentation is done)
    Munton Fison Ale Yeast
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    Secondary/Tertiary: Outlaw ESB, Summer Citrus Ale
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    This is a stout that I'm going to brew this weekend (it is this or a monster IPA), just looking for some comments. BTW, I wanted a hefty chocolate note in it.

    11 LBS 2-Row
    2 LBS Aromatic
    12 OZ Chocolate 400L
    8 OZ Black Roatsed Barley 500L
    8 oz Special B
    .5 oz Chinook 60
    .5 oz Chinook 30
    1 0z Columbus 10
    Wyeast 1882 Thames Valley II
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    RE: Black Bart by Skycast

    Sounds Good
    nice to see a 2.5 G recipe, I wonder if I could steal.. uhm.. borrow my wifes 2.5 carboy she uses for smallbatches of wine.

    I know i'll tell her the brew is for her,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I.

    What do you use for a primary when you make a 2.5g batch. That is alot of head space in a 6.5 g. pail.

    I guess I could do the primary in the 2.5 carboy, rack it into any old thing the send it back into the clean & sanitized 2.5 carboy.

    Or????? any other suggestions
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