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Thread: Coors as an American Beer Month sponsor

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    Coors as an American Beer Month sponsor

    Roger Baylor, the unabashed proprietor of the New Albanian Brewing Company and Rich O's Public House, has checked in with his opinion of Coors' role in promoting American Beer Month. Among other things, he writes: "The AOB's notion to ride the televised coattails of a major brewer is laughable, but which part of the equation is more insipid: Coors as a brewer, or Coors as a marketer of beer? Coors' beer has little to do with beer, and the company's ads could be just as easily used to sell cars, condoms or Cheese Whiz."

    Stephen Beaumont adds his own thoughts and ask his readers to add more. Drop him a line are comment here.

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    Coors $$$

    If Coors wants to spend their $$ promoting American beer, then good for them. Any press is good press. The whole idea of having a whole month set aside for American beer is a bit silly (since I support American beer yearround), but hey, it's not my dough. If better beer makers have to ride coattails to get some recognition and penetration into the marketplace, then so be it. If they're "too proud" to do so with Coors, they may find themselves out of business and that would be a loss for all beer drinkers.


    BTW, I see nothing wrong with a Blue Moon White or a cold Coors on a sweltering day, but that's just me.

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    Any publicity is good publicity so the saying goes. I doubt this will harm the "good" beer industry. It's not as though people who like real beer are going to see this ad, and think, "Well I'll be damned, Coors must be good beer and I should drink that instead of Goose Island."

    It's pathetic on Coors' behalf, but if the AOB wants to take advantage of them, then let Coors foot the bill.

    It's also pathetic for one disgruntled craft brewer to whine about the political correctness of the situation. What does Coors do to hurt the good American beers? Nothing.
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