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Thread: How's that Boscos’ Blue Ribbon?

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    How's that Boscos’ Blue Ribbon?

    Hey you drinkers at Boscos in Memphis and Nashville. How's that special beer for American Beer Month - Boscos’ Blue Ribbon - tasting?

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    Just don't ask them to BBR me ASAP, ok?
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    There is not a whole lot better than sitting in a clean, comfy brewpub drinking stout or porter, but there is something special about sitting in a dingy, hole-in-the-wall, dive bar drinking a true American Classic PBR.

    Enters Boscos Brewpubs, who have created an homage to that American Beer Classic, their Boscos Blue Ribbon. Now we can drink that wonderful sweet, corn flavored classic in the clean comfy brewpub (heck, you do not even have to hold it in for fear of the dive bar bathroom). They even bought the cheapist ingredients they could find to create that classic taste.

    Honestly though it has a great clean, refreshing taste that drinks very easily during the HOT Memphis summer.

    An interesting piece of trivia is that Chuck first started considering the BBR when listening to his servers, bartenders and managers discuss how when drinkng at the local dive bar after Boscos closed, that they rather drink PBR than other "cheap" beers because it has more unique flavor than the normal Big 3's beers that are offered.
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