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Thread: Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA

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    Nice! what is the name of the store and where is it?

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    Chaz, The store is :
    Oak Tree Discount Wine & Spirits
    902 Oak Tree Road (Corner Park Ave)
    Suite 7
    South Plainfield, NJ 07080

    Highly recommended. Top rated store in NJ on BA. Prices may be $1 higher on some items, but generally are decent. Service is tops. Very Friendly. The owner and I chatted for 1/2 hour. This guy loves good beer and it shows.
    A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure.

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    I have never had the 120, but I have had both the 60 and 90. I dont think the 90 has as much hop flavor as the 60. I really like the 60 , but the 90 was just very well balanced to me.
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    You're right, the 60 has a much more in your face, drier hop flavor and aroma and the 90 is very balanced with the sweet maltiness. When I had the 120 a couple years ago I said this beer needs to age for a few years. It was way too sweet and syrupy that totally overpowered any hop flavor. I have a bottle of 2003 that I'm waiting for a while to open but I expect it to have mellowed out a bit by that time.
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