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Thread: SNCA-- Dec. 14, 6:30pm/9:30pm

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    [19:05] <threecb> I agree with Hogie that in most cases, even though you may get the warmth of it, the "bite" starts to be noticed above 8%.
    [19:05] <{Tweek}> try some pure (or as close to as you can) alcohol sometime
    [19:05] <toofargone> I think the ETOH comes through the nose, a perception of taste
    [19:05] <HogieWan> not ethnol, but other similr compounds
    [19:05] <studentofbeer> *shudder*
    [19:05] <{Tweek}> ever had everclear?
    [19:05] <studentofbeer> well, yeah, lol
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> i did go to college
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> what did it taste like?
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> hrmmm
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> see
    [19:06] <toofargone> lived in TX for a long time it is the state drink
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> not much
    [19:06] <HogieWan> it tastes like hawaiian punch
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> just tastes hot
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> lol
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> haha hogie
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> when mixed!
    [19:06] <threecb> LOL
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> exactly
    [19:06] <{Tweek}> that is some nasty stuff
    [19:06] <toofargone> ok I'm going for seconds
    [19:06] <studentofbeer> good call
    [19:07] <HogieWan> well, fellas - it's been real
    [19:07] <HogieWan> it's been fun
    [19:07] <{Tweek}> you off?
    [19:07] <HogieWan> yep
    [19:07] <threecb> I've found that I notice the alcohol in the couple of impy pilsners I've had.
    [19:07] <studentofbeer> we're just getting warmed up
    [19:07] <{Tweek}> ok, cya hogie
    [19:07] <HogieWan> I got chores
    [19:07] <studentofbeer> thanks for coming hogie
    [19:07] <{Tweek}> ahh
    [19:07] <{Tweek}> newly married
    [19:07] <threecb> cya hogie.
    [19:07] <{Tweek}> I heard the whip crack
    [19:07] <{Tweek}>
    [19:07] <HogieWan> glad I could finally make one of these
    [19:08] <studentofbeer> <---fiancee out of town
    [19:08] <toofargone> bye Hogie
    [19:08] <studentofbeer> bye hogie
    [19:08] <{Tweek}> have a good night
    [19:08] <threecb> wife at work.
    [19:08] <HogieWan> I had a late night with the boys from work yesterday, so . .
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [19:08] <Osh> 12chow
    [19:08] <studentofbeer> ahhh gotcha
    [19:08] <{Tweek}> I hear ya, just giving ya grief
    [19:08] <{Tweek}> that is what I do
    [19:08] <HogieWan> l8r
    [19:08] * HogieWan has left #beer
    [19:08] <studentofbeer> so far the only thing that disappointed me about this beer is the head died real fast on mine and no lacing
    [19:08] <{Tweek}> ya
    [19:08] <Osh> 12still got some here
    [19:09] <threecb> I have very little lacing, too.
    [19:09] <toofargone> I wanted to do a vertical tonight with SNPA, Harvest and SNCA but ran out of time to get the Harvest
    [19:09] <Osh> 12clean pint glass
    [19:09] <{Tweek}> though I think the mouthfeel makes up for that
    [19:09] <threecb> tweek, what's your glassware?
    [19:09] <studentofbeer> probably so
    [19:09] <{Tweek}> pint glass
    [19:09] <studentofbeer> ive got a 2004 and even a 2003 SNCA i was thinking of breaking out
    [19:09] <toofargone> the SNCA sure puts the pale in its place, though (keep that on tap)
    [19:09] <threecb> seems like the pints have more head?
    [19:10] <{Tweek}> to be honest, never had this in another type of glassware
    [19:10] <{Tweek}> so I have no point of comparison
    [19:10] <{Tweek}> Stod and I keep threatening to have a barleywine party
    [19:10] <studentofbeer> hrmm mine is pretty warm and the aroma is getting to be almost overripe
    [19:10] <studentofbeer> hehe
    [19:10] <studentofbeer> that would be fun
    [19:10] <threecb> this is the first time i'm having it in a goblet. gonna pour the second in a pint.
    [19:10] <studentofbeer> forget the toronado bwine fest, head to tweeks
    [19:10] <{Tweek}> we both have so many bottles in our cellars
    [19:10] <{Tweek}>
    [19:10] <Osh> 12maybe I'll have my next one in a Dogfish Head goblet
    [19:10] <{Tweek}> he has bigfoot from way back
    [19:11] <toofargone> student how does it keep?
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> ? sorry
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> oh i dont know
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> havent had them yet
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> i did have 1 2004 recently
    [19:11] <toofargone> the older bottles SNCA
    [19:11] <{Tweek}> one thing I have noticed in this years batch
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> it was more mellow, more like an esb
    [19:11] <studentofbeer> still good
    [19:11] <{Tweek}> is that there is a slight sourness to the nose
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [19:12] <{Tweek}> dont recall that ever before
    [19:12] <studentofbeer> you could tell it had age. havent tried a 2003, think i only have 1
    [19:12] <threecb> I had an 04 2 weeks ago, I thought it lost the hop assertiveness. But was still a nice beer.
    [19:12] <studentofbeer> im not getting the sour
    [19:12] <{Tweek}> first time though maybe I had a flawed bottle, but sever 6 packs later it is still there
    [19:12] <studentofbeer> just finding it in the hops/grapefruit
    [19:12] <{Tweek}> give your glass a good swirl
    [19:12] <studentofbeer> im still getting that riesling aroma tho, that was a good call
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> i guess im finding that more like grass or something
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> not sour
    [19:13] <toofargone> I don't think I could keep it around, tho have been tempted with barleywine
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> well maybe lemon
    [19:13] <{Tweek}> stick your nose in, but dont inhale, just let the aroma sift up
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> oh weirdf
    [19:13] <{Tweek}> there is a touch of sour at the end of the aroma
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> i totally know what you are talking about
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> i dont think ive ever actually smelled a beer that way
    [19:13] <{Tweek}>
    [19:13] <toofargone> me either good call tweek
    [19:13] <studentofbeer> thats kind of amazing
    [19:14] <{Tweek}> you sell yourself short with an inhale
    [19:14] <{Tweek}> get more out of letting the aromas work for themselves
    [19:14] <studentofbeer> damn, that's revolutionary. thanks!
    [19:14] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:14] <toofargone> wonder if that works for wine too, always sorta snorted the stuff
    [19:14] <{Tweek}> yea
    [19:14] <{Tweek}> that is how I learned it
    [19:14] <threecb> have you ever been to a winery and been near the mashed grapes (I guess the extractor)? That's what the sourness smells like to me.
    [19:15] <{Tweek}> yea
    [19:15] <{Tweek}> similar
    [19:15] <studentofbeer> ok i added a second bottle, poured vigorously, and got a pretty big head this time
    [19:15] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:16] <{Tweek}> I would love to taste this one on cask
    [19:16] <studentofbeer> that mashed grapes, that's sort of what i was thinking of when i said overripe,
    [19:16] <studentofbeer> yeah, damn
    [19:16] <threecb> poured the second into a pint. had to tame the head.
    [19:16] <studentofbeer> that would be great
    [19:17] <toofargone> did you leave the second bottle on the counter, student?
    [19:17] <Osh> 12Ok, third and last bottle for te nite
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [19:17] <threecb> that's what I initially pegged as reisling. but it got stronger as it warmed.
    [19:17] <{Tweek}> crap
    [19:17] <{Tweek}> I forgot to take my 2nd out of the fridge brb
    [19:17] <studentofbeer> between my legs, lol, got it nice and warm
    [19:17] <threecb> cask would be nice!
    [19:17] <toofargone> oh my
    [19:17] <Osh> 12never seen it on cask here
    [19:17] <threecb> heheh, that's what I did.
    [19:18] <threecb> I was hoping to run into it in DC.
    [19:18] <studentofbeer> that riesling flavor really sticking with me--that sour/grassy
    [19:18] <Osh> 12Hell the kegs don't last but a couple of weeks
    [19:18] <threecb> the pint glass holds the head much better than the goblet.
    [19:19] <studentofbeer> i shoulda tried the pint glass
    [19:19] <threecb> nose was MUCH more intense in the goblet.
    [19:19] <studentofbeer> put 2 of these in an imperial pint
    [19:19] <studentofbeer> thats good to know then
    [19:20] <studentofbeer> i still think its interesting that SN decided to make an IPA for their winter beer
    [19:20] <{Tweek}> still gone by the end though
    [19:20] <studentofbeer> seems counter to what most do
    [19:20] <threecb> the nose on the pint is sweet, like candy.
    [19:20] <{Tweek}> I think it is the right thing, little more alc, little more hops. makes the nights not so cold
    [19:20] <toofargone> I've only had the ipa twice
    [19:20] <{Tweek}> aye, like candied fruit
    [19:21] <studentofbeer> yeah i agree, it's just sorta 360 from something like an old ale or something, going the more malty route
    [19:21] <threecb> this is a nice way to compare glassware. good beer for it.
    [19:21] <{Tweek}> yea, but they are american brewers
    [19:21] <Osh> 12the IPA is mybenchmark for the style
    [19:21] <studentofbeer> CA brewers even
    [19:21] <{Tweek}> american styles tend to be more hoppy
    [19:21] <toofargone> CA brewwers esp
    [19:21] <{Tweek}> true
    [19:21] <threecb> I like the idea of an IPA for a winter. It breaks up all of the sameness of winter brews.
    [19:22] <{Tweek}> Im bummed
    [19:22] <{Tweek}> seems my town was on the do not distribute holiday brews to list
    [19:22] <{Tweek}> I havent tried anything new
    [19:22] <toofargone> I wish I could get my hands on some SNIPA
    [19:22] <threecb> The first time I had this, years ago, was when the winter brew craze was spiced beers.
    [19:23] <studentofbeer> yeah i havent really had any either tweek. usually im a fiend for them, but havent been to a bevmo or plumpjack
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    [19:23] <threecb> A friend brought it over and I was thinking to myself "oh, great, another gingerbread in a bottle"
    [19:23] <studentofbeer> i was going to suggest we do anchor's winter beer
    [19:23] <studentofbeer> hehehe
    [19:23] <toofargone> thats why I really like SNCA tho, not tooooo much spice
    [19:23] <threecb> boy was I surprised!
    [19:24] <{Tweek}> I still need to try the OSA
    [19:24] <studentofbeer> i didnt love it this year
    [19:24] <Teej> I don't care much for "spiced" beers. Renegade Red Ale is on a very short list of "beers I couldn't stand to finish"
    [19:24] <threecb> I haven't had this years OSA. I'm in the "I liked the 04" camp.
    [19:24] <Osh> 12Anchors winter is all over the place from year to year
    [19:24] <{Tweek}> how was teh pine content? years where there is too much I cant take it
    [19:24] <toofargone> sad to say, i haven't been loving any anchors for the last several years
    [19:24] <{Tweek}> last year was ok
    [19:25] <{Tweek}> year before was ass
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> i liked last years
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> yeah
    [19:25] <{Tweek}> imo
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> this one reminds me more of the 2003
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> so i wouldnt buy a 6er if i were you
    [19:25] <{Tweek}> ugh
    [19:25] <{Tweek}> ok, ill get a single
    [19:25] <threecb> Yards, in Philly did a Spruce Ale based on a brown/dark mild. I had it at the brewery fresh and it was very nice.
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> the nose to me was sooo sweet--like candy corn
    [19:25] * beermonkey has joined #beer
    [19:25] <studentofbeer> spruce ale is nice. alaskan does an alright one
    [19:26] <{Tweek}> hi beermonkey
    [19:26] <studentofbeer> i like spruce, heather etc.
    [19:26] <studentofbeer> hey beermonkey
    [19:26] <threecb> hi beermonkey
    [19:26] <Osh> 12het BM
    [19:26] <beermonkey> Enter text here...Hey all
    [19:26] <Osh> 12hey
    [19:26] <{Tweek}> havent had the alaskan spruce
    [19:26] <beermonkey> opps
    [19:26] <toofargone> howdy
    [19:26] <{Tweek}> ill have to pick that one up
    [19:26] <threecb> I'll have to track down a single of the OSA.
    [19:26] <studentofbeer> its not amazing but i think its ok if you are into the spruce flavor
    [19:26] <studentofbeer> yeah
    [19:26] <Osh> 12no Alaskan here, have to make a trade
    [19:27] <{Tweek}> where are you osh?
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    [19:27] <Osh> 12Chicago burbs
    [19:27] <{Tweek}> hrm
    [19:27] <{Tweek}> you definately have beers I dont
    [19:27] <threecb> You can read about the Yards one on their site. they used a whole babay spruce tree during the boil.
    [19:27] <{Tweek}> let me know if you want to swap
    [19:27] <toofargone> oh my god a tree beer?
    [19:27] <Osh> 12no problem
    [19:28] <{Tweek}> that will be another one ill have to get in singles
    [19:28] <{Tweek}> yea, I saw that
    [19:28] <{Tweek}> whine akin though
    [19:28] <{Tweek}> wusses
    [19:29] <{Tweek}> I shoulda taken that 2nd out earlier
    [19:29] <{Tweek}> im right back where I started now
    [19:29] <threecb> hey beermonkey, did you have a SNCA to sample?
    [19:29] <Osh> 12cold---warm, it's all good
    [19:29] <threecb> right on, osh
    [19:29] <{Tweek}> ya, since we have all given our 3 page tasting notes it is your turn
    [19:29] <{Tweek}> please, make it dramatic and profound
    [19:30] <{Tweek}> heh
    [19:30] <Osh> 12just don't slur your words
    [19:30] <beermonkey> no didn't make it to store, forgot that I was having people over for dinner, watched lost and made lasagna
    [19:30] <threecb> I like this applet, btw. Thanks for making it available.
    [19:30] <studentofbeer> getting more malty now that the hops have probably destroyed my taste buds
    [19:30] <studentofbeer> np, glad we could get something to work
    [19:30] <threecb> Lost *was* a repeat, right?!?
    [19:30] <{Tweek}> no lost talk
    [19:31] <studentofbeer> heh yeah
    [19:31] * Teej prefers "real irc". I have yet to see a java applet I didn't hate.
    [19:31] <toofargone> yeah thanks for the applet
    [19:31] <{Tweek}> I am watching it on dvd
    [19:31] <{Tweek}> talking lost in here gets you in trouble
    [19:31] <{Tweek}>
    [19:31] <studentofbeer> ok, no lost talk.
    [19:31] <studentofbeer> i understand
    [19:31] <threecb> mums the word
    [19:31] <beermonkey> yeah repeat, but I drank and talked through it last time
    [19:31] <Teej> I might have watched "lost" if it didn't come out a coupla years after survivor which I'd rather put a dull spoon through my temples than watch.
    [19:32] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:32] <Osh> 12tv sucks in general
    [19:32] <toofargone> mostly
    [19:32] <{Tweek}> I love the lingering on the bitter of this beer. there long after its in the belly
    [19:33] <studentofbeer> yeah, it is amazing.
    [19:33] <Teej> There's a variety of stuff I enjoy. The CSIs and L&Os get watched here...along with Battlestar Galactica & the Stargates...a few others.
    [19:33] <threecb> yeah, your mouth keeps thinking about it for quite awhile.
    [19:33] <studentofbeer> i hear ya teej--L&O+battlestar and lost ,and thats it
    [19:33] <threecb> ooh, a SciFi network fanboy!
    [19:33] <Osh> 12the carmel corn I'm having is really having a effect on the hops. LOL
    [19:33] <Teej> No, that's the extent of my scifi watching. Never got into their other stuff.
    [19:33] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:33] <toofargone> dude!
    [19:34] <{Tweek}> I bet a nice dark chocolate would be interesting with this
    [19:34] <threecb> yikes!
    [19:34] <{Tweek}> or a truffle
    [19:34] <{Tweek}> something nice n bitter
    [19:34] <threecb> mmm, dark chocolate!
    [19:34] <toofargone> doya think there is a real chocolate board out there somewhere?
    [19:34] * HogieWan has joined #beer
    [19:35] <{Tweek}> I would guess
    [19:35] <toofargone> Hogie yr back!
    [19:35] <{Tweek}> welcome back hogie
    [19:35] <HogieWan> checking back in
    [19:35] <threecb> I think I have dark chocolate covered pretzels in the fridge. beer and pretzels?
    [19:35] <HogieWan> still got a few warmish sip left
    [19:35] <beermonkey> lol do they get together and eat godiva on IRC? for some reason that sounds silly
    [19:35] <threecb> hey, welcome back hogie
    [19:35] <toofargone> heheheh
    [19:35] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:35] <Osh> 12beer and warm chocolat chip cookies. now we're talking
    [19:36] <studentofbeer> herms, favorite beer?
    [19:36] <HERMS> favorite beer is sierra nevada celebration ale
    [19:36] <threecb> heh, my wife would love to talk chocolate!
    [19:36] <{Tweek}> herms, best beer style?
    [19:36] <HERMS> best beer style is ipa
    [19:36] <{Tweek}> ata boy
    [19:36] <{Tweek}> btw, for those of you who may show up here and want to talk to herms
    [19:37] * fretlessman71 has joined #beer
    [19:37] <{Tweek}> he is a bot, he can be taught things by statements
    [19:37] <HogieWan> fret!
    [19:37] <studentofbeer> hey, fret!
    [19:37] <HogieWan> how goes it
    [19:37] <{Tweek}> the plan is to teach him recipes
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [19:37] <Teej> ...which can drive chazwicke crazy.
    [19:37] <{Tweek}> hi fret
    [19:37] <threecb> you WC hopheads!
    [19:37] <threecb> hi fret
    [19:37] <{Tweek}> heh yeah chaz struggles
    [19:37] <fretlessman71> Good evening, ladies and geraniums....
    [19:37] <toofargone> howdy fret you made it
    [19:37] <Osh> 12hey Fret
    [19:37] <fretlessman71> Very late, and beerless, but wanted to drop in and say hi.
    [19:37] <{Tweek}> beerless?
    [19:38] <toofargone> beerless bummer
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> dude
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> issues
    [19:38] <toofargone> can one train herms to pull pints
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> soon
    [19:38] <fretlessman71> Well, just for now... I still have a 2004 laying around that I'll drink while looking over the tasting notes at another time.
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> nice
    [19:38] <fretlessman71> But I have no time to drink right now...
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> no time to drink?
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> sounds like a crisis?
    [19:38] <fretlessman71> Nope - playing bass.
    [19:38] <{Tweek}> ow
    [19:39] <Osh> 12just found out from my son that the Firken uptown here has the Sami Klaus on tap
    [19:39] <fretlessman71> I try not to do both at the same time - bad mix.
    [19:39] * toofargone has quit IRC (Client exited )
    [19:39] <{Tweek}> right, cause rock stars never mix
    [19:39] <fretlessman71> You're talking about HERMS?
    [19:39] <threecb> You'll find that the 04 is pretty different than the notes for the 05.
    [19:39] <fretlessman71> So what did you notice between the two?
    [19:39] * HogieWan has left #beer
    [19:40] <fretlessman71> (Man, what's up? I show up and two people bail...)
    [19:40] <{Tweek}> heh
    [19:40] <threecb> we didn't have any 04 tonight, but student and I both felt that they mellowed, hopwise.
    [19:40] * toofargone has joined #beer
    [19:40] <{Tweek}> see its just hogie
    [19:40] <fretlessman71> This would make sense...
    [19:40] <{Tweek}> I wasnt going to say anything but I think he hates you
    [19:40] <{Tweek}> lol
    [19:40] <{Tweek}> Im just jokin
    [19:40] <threecb> still solid beers though.
    [19:40] <fretlessman71> Not surprised... the beer he sent me was poisoned...
    [19:41] <fretlessman71> JK!
    [19:41] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:41] <Osh> 12so I'm tasting a Victory Hop Wallop, WOW what a diference
    [19:41] <toofargone> dang firefox crashes
    [19:41] <fretlessman71> Actually, they were delicious...
    [19:41] <{Tweek}> so wait, you guys are saying that last years was more hoppy?
    [19:41] <{Tweek}> im not remembering it that way
    [19:41] <threecb> No, the hops diminished greatly.
    [19:41] <toofargone> do you like it Osh?
    [19:42] <{Tweek}> you lost me 3
    [19:42] <{Tweek}> with age you mean?
    [19:42] <Osh> 12not bad, but not SNCA
    [19:42] <fretlessman71> I think they're talking about the effects of age on the hop character and profile...
    [19:42] <threecb> I thought last years was on par with past years, but the one I had a couple of weeks ago was mellowed and malty.
    [19:42] <fretlessman71> It's supposed to mellow a bit, right?
    [19:42] <{Tweek}> the 04 you had?
    [19:42] <Osh> 12no fruit at all
    [19:42] <{Tweek}> sorry if I am being slow here
    [19:42] <threecb> not tonight
    [19:43] <threecb> fret's right.
    [19:43] <{Tweek}> yeah, I wouldnt imagine that these would age out and still be so dominate in a year
    [19:44] <toofargone> anybody gotta pee?
    [19:44] <threecb> but I think that the mellowing made it more of a west-coast interpretation of a stock ale.
    [19:44] <threecb> ;-)
    [19:44] <{Tweek}> I could see that
    [19:44] <{Tweek}> speaking of
    [19:44] <{Tweek}> you guys ever try north coast old stock?
    [19:45] <fretlessman71> heard of it..
    [19:45] <toofargone> nope
    [19:45] <studentofbeer> i always think of stock ales even darker
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> I like it
    [19:45] <studentofbeer> but no, never tried that
    [19:45] <threecb> I dig that beer. I pretty much have liked everything that I've had from NC
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> yea
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> cept the acme line
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> dont like any of those
    [19:45] <Osh> 12not here, get a lot of stuff but not that
    [19:45] <threecb> don't get the acme line out here.
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> but ol ras is solid
    [19:45] <studentofbeer> indeed
    [19:45] <{Tweek}> had it on tap last time I was there
    [19:46] <threecb> my wife loves Pranqster
    [19:46] <{Tweek}> all I can say is w00t!
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    Feb 2003
    [19:46] <studentofbeer> i brought back a stock ale from london that i loved
    [19:46] <fretlessman71> What's wrong with the Acme line? I like the logos...
    [19:46] <studentofbeer> pranquster, eh to me.
    [19:46] <{Tweek}> Fret: nothing is wrong with it.
    [19:46] <{Tweek}> just nothing is right with it
    [19:46] <threecb> ouch
    [19:47] <fretlessman71> Okay - so it's pedestrian. Better than BMC?
    [19:47] <{Tweek}> it is clean, but it pretty much stops there
    [19:47] <{Tweek}> yes
    [19:47] <toofargone> yeah fret bummer how the best logos don't always have the best beer
    [19:47] <fretlessman71> Judging a book by its cover, I'm sure...
    [19:47] <{Tweek}> but since I dont ever drink bmc, they are never in my radar of comparison
    [19:47] <fretlessman71> My wife REALLY likes the logos.
    [19:47] <fretlessman71> She's a big "classic pinup girl poster" fan.
    [19:48] <{Tweek}> well tell her old ras is from the same brewers
    [19:48] <{Tweek}> that is what she should be drinkin!
    [19:48] <fretlessman71> Well, if she actually liked beer, I'd tell her that.... right now the only beer she's asked to have some of is New Glarus Belgian Red.
    [19:48] <studentofbeer> TJs used to sell 4 old ras for $6, i loved that
    [19:48] <{Tweek}> Im going to Rogue in a little bit
    [19:48] <studentofbeer> in oregon?
    [19:48] <{Tweek}> you give her some of that triple wheat I sent ya?
    [19:48] <{Tweek}> ya
    [19:49] <toofargone> we'll I'm out of SNCA and back to a finish of of the PA
    [19:50] <fretlessman71> She got a noseful of it - her eyebrows went up, and said it smelled like a lemony loaf of wheat bread. Not too bad, eh?
    [19:50] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:50] <threecb> The sweetness in the nose of the Celebration has diminished as it warms in the pint glass. Totally different than the goblet. crazy.
    [19:50] <threecb> Triple wheat, huh?
    [19:50] <{Tweek}> I still get a sweet pretty much till empty
    [19:50] <{Tweek}> yea, from marin
    [19:51] <fretlessman71> Toofargone - you comparing Celeb to Pale ale tonight?
    [19:51] <{Tweek}> great beer if you like that sort of thing
    [19:51] <threecb> It's still there --the sweetness-- just less so as I get deeper into the pint.
    [19:52] <{Tweek}> as it warms I get much more cereal qualities off the nose
    [19:52] <fretlessman71> Tweek, I never got to thank you for introducing me to the concept of a Wheat Wine... so thanks!
    [19:52] <{Tweek}> my pleasure Fret
    [19:52] <toofargone> yeah but its not a fair comparison
    [19:52] <fretlessman71> And mine! ;-)
    [19:52] <{Tweek}>
    [19:52] <{Tweek}> smells like malt
    [19:52] <beermonkey> time for me to run all, enjoy the rest of the Celebration ale, this is a great thing to do thanks for putting this together student of beer,
    [19:53] <{Tweek}> cya beermonkey
    [19:53] <beermonkey> night
    [19:53] <studentofbeer> bye BM, thanks
    [19:53] <toofargone> bye beermonkey
    [19:53] <fretlessman71> goodnight!
    [19:53] <studentofbeer> sorry, just got off the phone with the girl, she's in NY on business
    [19:53] <threecb> Nearly bedtime for me, too.
    [19:53] <Osh> 12later
    [19:53] <threecb> bye beer monkey
    [19:53] * beermonkey has quit IRC (Quit: Goodbye. )
    [19:54] <studentofbeer> im not really finding that cereal quality
    [19:54] <studentofbeer> maybe im not smelling right again
    [19:54] <threecb> I'm going to split, too. This was cool. Thanks for setting this up SOB.
    [19:54] <studentofbeer> np, glad you could come
    [19:55] <toofargone> yeah, i gotta get too, ya know east coaster. this was great.
    [19:55] <{Tweek}> cya guys
    [19:55] <studentofbeer> later guys
    [19:55] <threecb> "see" ya'll on the board.
    [19:55] <fretlessman71> Okay before everyone leaves... who was first in the room?
    [19:55] * threecb has quit IRC (Quit: Goodbye. )
    [19:55] <{Tweek}> dont worry
    [19:55] <fretlessman71> And who is going to post this?
    [19:55] <{Tweek}> I got logs
    [19:55] <{Tweek}> Ill do it
    [19:55] <fretlessman71> You're a good man, Charlie Brown. :-)
    [19:55] <Osh> 12Yep me to, gotta go, theres a 3F's Sami Klaus waiting for me uptown
    [19:55] <{Tweek}> I keep logs of this room
    [19:55] <studentofbeer> nice
    [19:55] <studentofbeer> lol, thats good to know
    [19:56] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [19:56] <studentofbeer> dont say anything tooooo crazy
    [19:56] <fretlessman71> Sami Klaus?
    [19:56] <{Tweek}> nice osh
    [19:56] <studentofbeer> tho i really want to try some dark lord
    [19:56] * toofargone has quit IRC (Quit: Goodbye. )
    [19:56] <Osh> 12;ater
    [19:56] <studentofbeer> 5 years in chicago, never found a bottle
    [19:56] <{Tweek}> I dig 3 floyds
    [19:56] * Osh has left #beer
    [19:56] <fretlessman71> SOB - come visit me and I'll open my bottle of DL with you. :-)
    [19:56] <studentofbeer> tweek, what was that indian pizza? i havent had time to grab dinner, seems like i might a well order something.
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    19:56] <{Tweek}> so far that is one of the ones that I whole heartedly agree with the rest of you now west coasters
    [19:56] <studentofbeer> oooh, nice fret
    [19:56] <{Tweek}> zantes
    [19:57] <fretlessman71> Indian Pizza??@@?@?@??@?!?!??!?!?
    [19:57] <{Tweek}> zantes indian pizza
    [19:57] <{Tweek}> its sublime man
    [19:57] <{Tweek}> if you like indian food
    [19:57] <studentofbeer> indian food is like drugs, i just crave it sometimes
    [19:57] <fretlessman71> Can't say that I don't... but don't know too much about it...
    [19:57] <studentofbeer> not that i do drugs... im just saying
    [19:57] <studentofbeer> heh
    [19:57] <studentofbeer> i love indian food
    [19:58] <fretlessman71> There's only 2 places in Ft. C that serve Indian...
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> Zantes Indian Pizza
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> 3489 Mission St.
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> 415-821-3949
    [19:58] <HERMS> -4355
    [19:58] <studentofbeer> perfect
    [19:58] <fretlessman71> ...and we're too broke to go to either of them
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> herms, you are a freak
    [19:58] <HERMS> ...but jhetrick is worthy....
    [19:58] <studentofbeer> vegetarian indian?
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> yea
    [19:58] <fretlessman71> REALLY?
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> yea, trust me its great
    [19:58] <fretlessman71> How does that work?
    [19:58] <fretlessman71> Veggie is my life, man!
    [19:58] <{Tweek}> its indian food on pizza
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> kinda like saag paneer
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> if you like that
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> cheesy rich goodness
    [19:59] <fretlessman71> If only I spoke the language and had any idea what that stuff really was...
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> with indian spice
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> that is cheese and tofu
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> but
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> there is no tofu on the pizza
    [19:59] <fretlessman71> I can do that... :-)
    [19:59] <fretlessman71> Why not?
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> just veggies and cheese and spice
    [19:59] <{Tweek}> dunno
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> just isnt
    [20:00] <fretlessman71> It'd work just fine, I'm sure... Tofu tastes like whatever you spice it up with.
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> arright, ordered
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> ata boy
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> 40 minutes tho
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> gotta hold out
    [20:00] <fretlessman71> Do they deliver to CO?
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> I expect a full report
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> hehe
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> will do
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> im looking forward to it
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> they are usually faster than they say they will be
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> damn
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> good
    [20:00] <{Tweek}> now im hungry
    [20:00] <studentofbeer> heh
    [20:00] <fretlessman71> Hey - chaz is still online, according to my list...
    [20:01] <studentofbeer> same
    [20:01] <fretlessman71> Where'd he go?
    [20:01] <{Tweek}> yea but he doesnt talk
    [20:01] <studentofbeer> but didnt see him at all tonight
    [20:01] * {Tweek} slaps chazwicke around a bit with a large trout
    [20:01] <studentofbeer> hehehe
    [20:01] <fretlessman71> Ok... gotcha...
    [20:01] <fretlessman71> ...he does the same thing on AIM.
    [20:01] <{Tweek}>
    [20:01] * studentofbeer questions the lurker... what are you doing!?!
    [20:01] <{Tweek}> im guilty of idling here
    [20:01] <{Tweek}> man
    [20:01] <studentofbeer> yeah well for a while you were the only one here
    [20:01] <studentofbeer> except maybe teej
    [20:01] <{Tweek}> indian pizza would be so good
    [20:02] <studentofbeer>
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> yea, it has been nice to have people here lately
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> I like talking beer in real time
    [20:02] <studentofbeer> yeah
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> making it drinking it whatever
    [20:02] <studentofbeer> so funny that everyone is afraid to install mirc
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> yeah
    [20:02] <studentofbeer> thats what im using
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> mirc is cool
    [20:02] <{Tweek}> it starts to bug you after a while about paying
    [20:02] <fretlessman71> I installed it; it was just such a hassle getting on, and I didn't like the font - it did funny things to my eyes.
    [20:02] <studentofbeer> i just finally got a domain for our wedding, figured i could put something up so peeps could get on
    [20:02] <studentofbeer> yeah
    [20:03] <{Tweek}> but I have been using it for years without
    [20:03] <fretlessman71> And this is much simpler for me.
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [20:03] <studentofbeer> yeah i used it a ton in college
    [20:03] <studentofbeer> good, glad it works
    [20:03] <fretlessman71> It's the perfect go-between.
    [20:03] <{Tweek}> hrm, wish I had more cele
    [20:03] <studentofbeer> you out? sucks
    [20:03] <Teej> herms, chazworke?
    [20:03] <HERMS> hmmm... chazworke is halfway through a sixpack of bud light.
    [20:04] <fretlessman71> Someone tell me about Herms...
    [20:04] <{Tweek}> omg
    [20:04] <{Tweek}> prayers have been answered!
    [20:04] <{Tweek}> wife just walked in with a 6er of cele
    [20:04] <{Tweek}> no bullshit!
    [20:04] <{Tweek}> life is good
    [20:04] <studentofbeer> dude
    [20:04] <studentofbeer> score
    [20:05] <Teej> Damn, what hypnotist did you take her to?
    [20:05] <fretlessman71> Now THAT'S romantic. :-)
    [20:05] <studentofbeer> herms, fretlessman?
    [20:05] <HERMS> i guess fretlessman is a bass player and he rocks!
    [20:05] <{Tweek}> isnt it though?
    [20:05] <{Tweek}> herms, tweek?
    [20:05] <HERMS> tweek is THE God
    [20:05] <{Tweek}> ata boy
    [20:05] <studentofbeer>
    [20:05] <fretlessman71> herms, studentofbeer?
    [20:05] <HERMS> studentofbeer is, like, in SF
    [20:05] <{Tweek}> herms, stodbrew?
    [20:05] <HERMS> i think stodbrew is a stud.
    [20:06] <studentofbeer> herms, student of beer?
    [20:06] <HERMS> student of beer is pwnage!
    [20:06] <{Tweek}> someone has a crush
    [20:06] <fretlessman71> herms, toofargone?
    [20:06] <HERMS> fretlessman71: i haven't a clue
    [20:06] <{Tweek}> you gotta teach him
    [20:06] <fretlessman71> So what's up with this?
    [20:06] <studentofbeer> he is a bot
    [20:06] <{Tweek}> give him a statement like
    [20:06] <fretlessman71> How does he know I'm a bassist?
    [20:06] <studentofbeer> i told him
    [20:06] <{Tweek}> herms, bass playing is for girls
    [20:06] <HERMS> OK, {Tweek}.
    [20:06] <Teej> herms, gretlassman is takin' a crap
    [20:06] <HERMS> OK, Teej.
    [20:06] <fretlessman71> When?
    [20:06] <{Tweek}> herms, bass playing?
    [20:06] <HERMS> hmmm... bass playing is for girls
    [20:06] <studentofbeer> in a PM
    [20:07] <studentofbeer> i double clicked on his name so just told it to him
    [20:07] <studentofbeer> im not sure how to do that in the applet
    [20:07] <{Tweek}> make sense fret?
    [20:07] <{Tweek}> you dont have to pm
    [20:07] <studentofbeer> no, i just did it sneaky-like
    [20:07] <studentofbeer> herms, favorite beer?
    [20:07] <HERMS> favorite beer is sierra nevada celebration ale
    [20:08] <fretlessman71> herms, studentofbeer?
    [20:08] <HERMS> studentofbeer is in SF
    [20:08] <studentofbeer> herms, beer is God's gift to man.
    [20:08] <HERMS> ...but beer is good....
    [20:08] <studentofbeer> damn
    [20:08] <fretlessman71> How do you have to phrase it when you tell him something?
    [20:08] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:08] <Teej> herms, beer is also God's gift to man.
    [20:08] <HERMS> okay, Teej.
    [20:08] <studentofbeer> format is herms, xxxx is xxxx
    [20:08] <{Tweek}> no herms, beer is gods gift to man
    [20:08] <HERMS> okay, {Tweek}.
    [20:08] <{Tweek}> herms, beer?
    [20:08] <HERMS> beer is gods gift to man
    [20:08] <{Tweek}> ata boy
    [20:08] <studentofbeer> hehehe
    [20:08] <studentofbeer> im not that advanced
    [20:09] <{Tweek}> lol
    [20:09] <Teej> dammit, tweek, I had it covered with 'also'
    [20:09] <Teej>
    [20:09] <studentofbeer> hah
    [20:09] <Teej> no herms, beer is good
    [20:09] <HERMS> okay, Teej.
    [20:09] <studentofbeer> herms, studentofbeer is also a law student
    [20:09] <HERMS> okay, studentofbeer.
    [20:09] <Teej> herms, beer is also God's gift to man
    [20:09] <HERMS> okay, Teej.
    [20:09] <Teej> herms, beer?
    [20:09] <HERMS> hmmm... beer is good or God's gift to man
    [20:09] <studentofbeer> herms, studentofbeer?
    [20:09] <HERMS> hmmm... studentofbeer is in SF or a law student
    [20:09] <studentofbeer> this is funny
    [20:09] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:09] <studentofbeer> i didnt know no or also
    [20:10] <fretlessman71> herms, studentofbeer?
    [20:10] <HERMS> studentofbeer is probably in SF or a law student
    [20:10] <{Tweek}> the point of herms was actually to teach him recipes
    [20:10] <Teej> herms, oatmeal stout?
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    [20:10] <HERMS> i haven't a clue, teej
    [20:10] <{Tweek}> herms, porter extract recipe?
    [20:10] <HERMS> rumour has it porter extract recipe is steep: 1 pound Belgium Chocolat 50L, pound Belgium Aromatic 20L, pound Hugh Baird Crystal Malt 35L, 1 pound Hugh Baird Brown Malt 50L. for boil- 6 pounds of British Light Dry Malt Extract.1 ounce Kent Goldings (7.5) (60 minutes). 1/2 ounce Kent Goldings (15 minutes), ounce Fuggles (6.9)(15 minutes) White Labs British Ale yeast
    [20:10] <Teej> Heh
    [20:10] <fretlessman71> I tried to get him to say something else about you, SOB...
    [20:10] <fretlessman71>'s not working...
    [20:10] <studentofbeer> lol
    [20:10] <Teej> herms, fretlassman?
    [20:10] <HERMS> fretlassman is smoking $100 bills.
    [20:10] <studentofbeer> try no herms, studentofbeer is a punk
    [20:10] <studentofbeer> no herms, studentofbeer is a punk
    [20:10] <HERMS> okay, studentofbeer.
    [20:11] <studentofbeer> herms, studentofbeer
    [20:11] <HERMS> studentofbeer is probably a punk
    [20:11] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:11] <studentofbeer>
    [20:11] <{Tweek}> herms, a punk is a prison term
    [20:11] <HERMS> OK, {Tweek}.
    [20:11] <fretlessman71> herms, studentofbeer?
    [20:11] <HERMS> i guess studentofbeer is cheating on his exams this semester.
    [20:11] <{Tweek}> herms, what is a punk?
    [20:11] <HERMS> a punk is a prison term
    [20:11] <studentofbeer> lol
    [20:11] <{Tweek}> lol
    [20:12] <{Tweek}> dude, im so jealous of the zantes
    [20:12] <fretlessman71> Strange program...
    [20:12] <studentofbeer> i cant wait
    [20:12] <Teej> herms, teej++
    [20:12] <{Tweek}> have you gone to suppenkuche yet and tried the butten alt?
    [20:12] <studentofbeer> no, was thinking this week. tho i have no one to go with
    [20:12] <fretlessman71> Do the plusses confuse herms?
    [20:13] <{Tweek}> you have failed me
    [20:13] <Teej> no. It's karma.
    [20:13] <Teej> herms, fretlassman71++
    [20:13] <Teej> herms, fretlassman71?
    [20:13] <HERMS> fretlassman71 is probably smoking $100 bills.
    [20:13] <studentofbeer> yeah, i gotta go give it a try
    [20:13] <Teej> herms, karma fretlassman71?
    [20:13] <HERMS> teej: i don't know
    [20:13] <fretlessman71> (hey teej - it's fretlEssman.)
    [20:13] <Teej> karma for fretlassman71?
    [20:13] <HERMS> fretlassman71 has karma of 1
    [20:13] <{Tweek}> Id go with you but you will be goine during my vaca
    [20:13] <Teej> Duh. I didn't want to REALLY give you karma.
    [20:13] <Teej> herms, forget fretlassman71
    [20:13] <HERMS> Teej: I forgot fretlassman71
    [20:14] <fretlessman71> What is karma (as it pertains to this program)?
    [20:14] <{Tweek}> no idea
    [20:14] <Teej> It's like "rep" on the forums - useless unless someone cares.
    [20:14] <{Tweek}> teej is better than me at this
    [20:14] <fretlessman71> Or post count?
    [20:14] <Teej> I've seen a similar bot before.
    [20:15] <fretlessman71> Okay - gotta go assemble a Christmas tree and be festive and festering and all that...
    [20:15] <fretlessman71> We're behind the 8 ball this year. :|
    [20:15] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:15] <{Tweek}> night fret
    [20:15] <studentofbeer> have fun fret
    [20:15] <studentofbeer> gnight
    [20:16] <fretlessman71> So you kids have fun, and I'll see you on the boards! SOB, I'll expect a full report by this weekend!
    [20:16] <fretlessman71> G-night, all! :-)
    [20:16] <{Tweek}> night
    [20:16] * fretlessman71 has quit IRC (Quit: Goodbye. )
    [20:16] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:16] <{Tweek}> wait a sec
    [20:16] <{Tweek}> full report of what?
    [20:16] <studentofbeer> i was wondering the same thing...
    [20:16] <studentofbeer> heh
    [20:16] <{Tweek}> lol
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> i think he meant the transcript maybe?
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> i dunno
    [20:17] <{Tweek}> o
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> but he saw you were doing it, no?
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> i dunno
    [20:17] <{Tweek}> haha so I am the SOB?
    [20:17] <{Tweek}> ROFLMAO!!!!
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> pretty much
    [20:17] <studentofbeer> :-p
    [20:17] <{Tweek}> excellent!
    [20:17] <{Tweek}> that means I have been doing my job
    [20:18] * {Tweek} sets mode: +oo studentofbeer Teej
    [20:18] <studentofbeer> ooh op
    [20:19] <{Tweek}> your special now
    [20:19] <{Tweek}>
    [20:19] <studentofbeer> woohoo
    [20:19] <{Tweek}> hehe
    [20:19] <{Tweek}> im gonna post this log
    [20:20] <studentofbeer> heh, the whole thing ought to be amusing
    [20:20] <studentofbeer> including herms
    [20:20] <{Tweek}> yea
    [20:20] <{Tweek}>
    The more you disapprove the more fun it is for me.

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    Damn! I logged on and was an hour or so early. Went and sat down to watch the tube for awhile and fell asleep in my chair! I guess that whats happens to you when you get old like me. (48)
    I'm sorry I missed it. I'll be hitting a holiday tasting this evening at RFD to atone for my sin.

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    It was fun. Thanks for posting the transcript, Tweek...I got to follow the action after I faded out. That HERMS is a hoot!

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